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Name:Mr. Andrew Aditya [Sales]
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Mobile Number:62-8568561184
Phone Number:62-21-632-6478
Fax Number:62-21-631-6307
Address:Ruko Roxy Mas Blok E-1 /36
Jakarta 10150, Jakarta
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Registration Date:Mar. 11, 2009
Last Updated:Mar. 01, 2012
Business Nature:Trade, Service of Industrial Supplies category

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We provide products and solutions for identification, detection, measurement, monitoring, analysis, and controlling of properties in Water ( Consumption, Process, Waste, etc ) and Air ( Ambient, Process, Emission, Confined Space, Industrial Hygiene, etc) . We provide consultation, sales, design, integration, installation, training, and after sales support ( Warranty, Service, Maintenance) , customizable to suit your application needs.

PT Alfa Pegasus is Exclusive and Authorized agent of Hach ( USA ) , Thermo Scientific ( USA ) , Graywolf ( USA ) , PCME ( UK ) , Bü hler Technologies ( Germany ) , EMRC ( USA ) , Madur Electronics ( Austria ) , Agilaire ( USA ) , and Trace Detect ( USA) Product Brands in Indonesia.

Major Products / Services
  • Continuous Emission Monitoring System
    Kami menawarkan jasa Design, Integrasi, Instalasi, Servis Reparasi, Servis Berkala, Kalibrasi, dan juga Training untuk sistem ini. Aplikasi sistem ini terutama untuk Pemantauan Gas Buang di Cerobong ataupun Ducting di industri. Kami dapat menawarkan solusi untuk di berbagai range budget yang ada. Mohon jangan ragu menghubungi kami untuk keterangan lebih lanjut.

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